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Spray On Systems Products

The foam insulation market is experiencing rapid growth, and Spray On is keeping pace alongside it.  Spray On is now offering Fireproofing of Polyurethane Foams, Steel Decks, Beams, Columns etc (Mineral fibre, cementitious and intumescents).

What is Spray Polyurethane Foam?

Spray polyurethane foam, commonly referred to as SPF, is a spray-applied insulating foam plastic which is applied as a liquid and subsequently expands many times its original size. Specialized equipment is used to apply the spray polyurethane foam and proper technical training is important in order to get the best results.

Spray polyurethane foam is the king of building materials for multitasking. It provides high levels of R-value while creating an air barrier and assisting with moisture control. These attributes are among the reasons spray-foam is a popular material in the following non-exhaustive list of applications:

  • Roofing
  • Air Barriers
  • Commercian & Residential insulation in walls, ceilings, attics and basements
  • Industrial insulation for pipes and tanks, cold storage facilities, freezers, walk-in coolers and climate controlled buildings such as produce storage and clean rooms
  • Marine applications such as floatation for boats, ships, barges, and floating docks

Open Cell Foam vs. Closed Cell Foam

Many contractors who provide spray foam insulation use what is known as "open cell" or "half pound" foam.  

This foam is often referred to as Icynene. While Icynene is a major manufacturer of 1/2 pound foam, the product is by no means the only foam available to the insulation industry. Referring to all 1/2 pound foam as Icynene, is the equivalent to referring to all tissue brands as Kleenex.

Half pound foam is typically easier to apply for the contractor and provides an R value of 3.6 per inch applied, and an applied density of about 1/2 pound per cubic foot. The foam is sprayed into stud bays and cavities and expands rapidly to fill all spaces. While open cell foam acts as a good insulator and crack sealer, moisture and air infiltration are still an issue due to the nature of the foam's "open cell" structure. This application is still a significant improvement over what can be accomplished with fiberglass insulation; however for exterior walls it is still a far cry from the benefits of closed cell foam.

At Spray on Systems we can also can provide the 1/2 pound foam, but have chosen only certain applications to use this foam on. We specialize in the 2 pound foam for the building envelope because of its R value of approximately R-6-6.5 per inch. It conforms to any shape space, and cures to a fully adhered, solid, monolithic insulation envelope. The final product is so solid that tests have shown that it actually adds measurable and significant strength to your walls while preventing air and moisture infiltration.

Three inches of 2 pound foam will also provide an insulating R value of 20 for your walls. This allows for the use of 2X4 construction for new building, which will in turn will save a lot of trees, and money in lumber costs. Open cell foam products require approximately 6 inches of foam (2x6) framing to achieve the same effect, all the while still allowing moisture and air penetration. We believe that 2 pound, closed cell spray foam provides significant advantages to home designers, builders, and homeowners for most applications.

Note: It is extremely important to understand when multiple bids have been received for your project that not all foam is the same, and as the customer you should be aware of what it is you are receiving and paying for.


We currently offer the following products:

Polyurethane Foam

Premium Spray Products—Foamsulate ECO Type 2 (2lb) SOS to provide sheets for MSDS and Technical


Raptor Skin----- Truck liners and heavy duty equipment SOS to provide sheets for MSDS and Technical