Bedliner Coating

raptor We understand the value you place in your investment.  Raptor Skin bedliner from Spray On Systems is the perfect way to ensure your truck or vehicle's lifetime protection and performance.  Why hold back and worry about bumps and scrapes?  Armour yourself with Raptor Skin, spray liner for trucks.

Utilizing the advanced techniques and chemistry, Raptor Skin Spray Truck Bedliners are an exact custom fit to your unique situations - be it wheel wells, truck beds, or tailgates.  Raptor Skin is a sealed heavy armour finish to protect from whatever terrain you might encounter.  From the heat of the summer to the frozen winters, Raptor Skin will handle any challenge along the way. 

  • Shields against dents, scratches and scuffs
  • Impervious to climate change
  • Seamless custom fit
  • Sound dampening
  • Preserves resale value
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Don't settle for anything less than the absolute high quality protection offered by Raptor Skin.
spray liner for rooms Spray On Systems Winnipeg polyurethane truck bedliners
We put Raptor Skin up against many of the "leading" polyurea coatings on the market today through more than the everyday wear and tear on your truck bed liners.  From heavy loads to impacts and drops and all the way to sharp scraps and jagged grinds, Raptor Skin holds up above the rest.  We guarantee and can back it with a limited lifetime warranty.


Raptor Skin is a breakthrough product that is not limted to one application.  It is also optimal for open vehicle interiors, ATV plate coating, outdoor furniture and equipment.  Virtually anything that could benefit from added protection, Raptor Skin is your one step solution.  

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Vehicle Insulation

Spray On Systems also perfoms insulation of vehicle interiors. Please contact us for more information.