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Whether you’re using your cargo van for work or for pleasure, when the cold weather of winter comes rolling into town, you can bet that a well-insulated cargo van is the only way to go. But most cargo vans don’t come with insulation. In fact, they’re usually no more insulated than a tin can. So what do you do to insulate your cargo van without costing you a fortune and your sanity? Use these tips for insulating a cargo van and stay comfortable in your van all year long.

Conventional Insulation

Whether it’s the conventional fiberglass insulation or rigid foam panels, many DIY cargo van insulation projects have failed miserably. The problem with many of these DIY projects is that the material used is inadequate for the job. More often than not, these materials will create heavy condensation when the space is heated or cooled. This process is the same effect that occurs when you have a glass filled with ice cubes and the exterior of the cup sweats water. This can easily happen inside of a DIY insulated cargo van. When moisture is trapped between the shell of the van and the insulation, mold and mildew can quickly form and ruin you insulation permanently.

Spray Foam Insulation

The best way to insulate a cargo van is by using a sprayed insulation. Spray foam works well as it bonds with the metal interior of the vehicle and doesn’t allow a space for water to condensate when temperatures differ greatly between the two materials. Polyurethane foam insulation can be applied easily and cost effectively—but only when it’s done right. While there are many DIY spray foam applications available; it’s not a good idea to do the job yourself. If you have a need for insulated cargo vans, forget about DIY. Spray on Systems has ability, experience and capacity to complete your cargo van insulation project quickly and cost effectively. You can trust that we will do it once and do it right for the perfectly insulated cargo van.